• Cookie Scouts Vs Aliens Game

Case Pack 6..

Aliens are invading the earth and they're starting in Happy Town. Luckily, the Cookie Scouts by Topside Games are on it! The aliens have given the Earth 36 hours' notice before they take over the planet! In the meantime, they will mount hourly attacks, including against the Cookie Scouts' sales territory. The Cookie Scouts, being renowned for their resourcefulness, have that long to assemble a nuclear weapons arsenal to be launched at the aliens. Unfortunately, the Cookie Scouts, also being renowned for the dedication to the Cookie Scout oath, won't be slaying any aliens unless their Cookie Scout sales quota is met and they earn their merit badges (Becky's mom is a bit of a stickler on this stuff).

The Cookie Scouts must work together so that each Cookie Scout's requirements are completed before time runs out. Each Cookie Scout must complete many of the requirements themselves, but selling cookies is a cooperative effort. Cookie Scouts vs. Aliens is a cooperative game where all Cookie Scouts play and win or lose together against the alien timetable. Good luck Cookie Scouts! You can do it!


  • Game board
  • 6 cookie scout pawns
  • 3 dice
  • 1 happy die
  • 6 goal placards
  • 7 first aid patch cards
  • 12 merit badge cards
  • 6 bomb cards
  • 12 grandma cards
  • 36 timecards
  • 72 attack cards
  • 108 address cards
  • 80 cookie box cards

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Ages 8+
Case Pack 6
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Dimensions 20"x 12"x 12"
Weight 25 Lbs.

Cookie Scouts Vs Aliens Game

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