• Konito? Board Game

Case Pack 6..

Konito? can be played individually or in teams, the idea being to complete the fill-in-the-blank statements on the game cards to move forward on the modular scoring board. The length of the game is determined by how many sections are used to create the board. There is a time limit to complete each card, and the game includes more than 1600 phrases and three levels of difficulty.

May the force...?

Livin' la vida...?

Robin Hood: Men in...?

If you answered, "be with you", "Loca", and "Tights"... well done! You just completed an easy card face. Advance your pawn one space.


  • 202 double-sided expression cards
  • 18 Challenge cards
  • 5 Pawns
  • Sand Timer
  • Modular board
  • Rulebook
  • Carrying bag

Ages: 8+

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Ages 8+
Case Pack 6
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Dimensions 16"x 9"x 9"
Weight 10 Lbs.

Konito? Board Game

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