• Night of The Grand Octopus

Case Pack 6..

Each player is the head of a cult dedicated to the Grand Octopus. Each group of cultists must scour the university in search of the four components necessary to complete the ritual that will allow Him to return to Earth. The first to succeed will invoke the Grand Octopus and thus have His favor.

Stealthily gather what you need while keeping an eye on the other cultists and thwarting them when possible. Sometimes clever negotiations are needed. be the first to complete the task and you will be able to invoke the Grand Octopus and earn His Favor.

  • 3-5 Players
  • Ages 7+


  • Game board
  • Dagger of Power
  • 2 Exterior Location boards
  • 5 Cultist pawns
  • 5 Offspring pawns
  • 10 Stickers
  • 5 Cult Power markers
  • 5 Command Clocks
  • 4 tokens for each type of component
  • Rulebook
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Ages 7+
Case Pack 6
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Night of The Grand Octopus

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