• TOMY Puff Ball Game

Case Pack 6..

The fun and excitement of puff ball is designed to be shared; bring life to your party with this puff-power game and test your skills against your friends! Create your own course: use the cups and included stunts to build a custom Course and then race through it by blowing your ball from one cup to another: puff, race, win! Plays well together: the cups and stunts in this starter set are compatible with all other puff ball packs (sold separately) so you can create incredible courses!


  • 3 Balls
  • 10 Puff ball cups
  • 10 Small cup connectors
  • 2 Large cup connectors
  • 2 Golf Tee stunts
  • 2 Level bridge stunts
  • 2 Curved bridge stunts
  • Instructions
  • Ages 6+

Product Details
Ages 6+
Brand TOMY
Case Pack 6
MPN 730625
UPC 5011666730625
Shipping Details
Dimensions 15"x 10"x 12"
Weight 6 Lbs.

TOMY Puff Ball Game

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