• Fantastic Spinner

From ´╗┐ALEX Toys Artist Studio we present the fantastic wholesale toy spinner. It delivers one of kind works of art. Use a hand lever to get your canvas spinning and add paint to create the most amazing splashes and circles that can't be duplicated. It comes with paint, paper cards, and a splash shield. No batteries needed to operate. 

  • Blue spinner
  • Splash shield
  • 4 bottles of paint
  • 20 paper cards
  • 3 colored cards
  • instructions
  • Ages 4+

Case Pack 3

Product Details
Brand ALEX Toys
Case Dimensions 11"x 10"x 13"
Case Pack 3
Shipping Weight 7 Lbs.

Fantastic Spinner

  • Product Code: T-161W
  • Availability: 621
  • $7.50


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