• Crayola Markers 10 ct.

Case Pack 24.

Crayola Broad Markers quality standards are based on four criteria: color quality, performance, packaging, and certified non-toxicity. Crayola's brand of markers delivers superb color coverage. These markers have caps that identify the color of the ink, the ink does not bleed through most paper, markers can be revived within seconds in warm water if caps are left off. Caps are ventilated for safety.

  • Non-Toxic
  • Superb Colors
  • Revive with warm water

Product Details
Case Pack 24
Case Dimensions 13"x 9"x 7"
Shipping Weight 8 Lbs.

Crayola Markers 10 ct.

  • Brand: Crayola
  • Product Code: KT-58-7722
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