Poor hygiene is an inevitable result of homelessness around the world. Establishing a proper hygiene is key for better health overall by regularly brushing your teeth, washing hair, washing hands, wearing deodorant along with clean underwear and socks. Many people don't have access to these hygiene products, many consequences will develop ranging from losing employment to serious diseases not allowing the individual to work. Nonprofit organizations provide basic hygiene products to people and help to build a healthier community and stronger homeless programs. 

On many occasions homeless people will arrive to their local shelter to attend to their needs but doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they will be able to take a shower due to the number of people and the resources available at the shelter. Nonprofit organizations shared with everyone that they average more than 20 hours of staff time a week was spent collecting, sorting, and purchasing wholesale hygiene products to help the community.

Organizations are serving the homeless and low income families to have access to their basic needs. We remove the dehumanization of handouts to empower community members to have the dignity and benefits that come with good hygiene. Here at D&W Sourceall, Inc. we help by lowering our prices on wholesale hygiene products, this way nonprofits have the upper hand to purchase more for less. If you can't afford to donate hygiene kits, you can always donate your time to help in any way possible.

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