• Spinnyos Yoller Coaster $20.00 Each.

Let's have fun with Spinnyos YOs, a new spin on defying gravity, kids decide how they will ride. The action changes constantly with 4 different tracks, adjustable ramps, tunnels, dips and loops that stand over 2 feet high. Be sure to listen for wacky sounds and music all along the way! How do YOs stay on the track? Well, it seems like magic, but actually, there‚Äôs a kid-safe magnetic axle inside each YO that attaches to the metallic edge on the track.

  • 100% Plastic
  • Includes 2 YOs and 3 barrels
  • Load up the spinnyos spinners (YOs) on the launcher and send'em spinning up, down, fast, slow, upside down and backwards
  • Kids flips the switcher to decide which track the YOs take
  • Place multiple YOs on the track and watch 'em spin
  • YOs trigger different fun sounds and music at the top of the giant coaster track

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Spinnyos Yoller Coaster $20.00 Each.

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